IBA Vision and Mission

The IBA vision: Imagine a future, where electrochemical energy storage and in particular batteries will have a key role in all energy-dependent sectors, such as mobility, industry, agriculture, buildings, and more. In this future, batteries can be tailored for all demands, are highly efficient, cost-effective and sustainable and thus affordable and available to all societal groups and individuals.

The IBA mission is to foster and promote science and technology of batteries and related electrochemical energy storage systems on all levels through their scientific meetings, which act as a premier platform for interested individuals, groups, institutions and corporations that are devoted to the IBA vision.


As part of the IBA mission, we have cultivated the following guiding principles that contribute to the strength of the IBA:

  • Bringing together top scientists and engineers from academia and industry from the whole world
  • Bridging the gap between developed and developing nations: IBA meetings are held across the globe with attendees from all nations
  • Providing a cordial, sincere and personal atmosphere: IBA meetings are currently restricted to 300 attendees at most
  • Fostering young talents: We welcome and encourage the participation of students and young researchers
  • Honoring not only outstanding research and technology development achievements, but also extraordinary engagement through the IBA awards